Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Schedule of Workshop at Fourth ESIL Research Forum in Tallinn

The European Society of International Law Interest Group on International Legal Theory is pleased to announce that it will organize two panels at the Fourth ESIL Research Forum in Tallinn (26-28 May 2011).

The schedule for these two panels is as follows:

Held on the occasion of the Fourth ESIL Research Forum
Tallinn, 26-28 May 2011

Office of the Chancellor of Justice, Room to be announced
Thursday, 26 May 2011, 1700-2000 hrs

Panel One 1700-1825 hrs

    * Chairperson: André de Hoogh
    * Noora Arajärvi, The Line Begins to Blur? The Changing Notion
      of Opinio Juris and Moralisation of Customary International Law
    * Jason Beckett, Positivism After Deconstruction
    * Mark Searl, The Morality of International Law

Panel Two 1835-2000 hrs

    * Chairperson: Umut Özsu
    * Maria Elander, Lost in Representation? Victims at the ECCC
    * Julia Dehm, Differentiating the Necessarily Pluralism of
      Radical Climate Justice from Polycentric Climate Governance
    * Lucie Cviklová, Transnational Courts in the Field of Human
      Rights Through Perspective of International Legal Theory and

We look forward to seeing you in Tallinn!