Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Rechtskulturen Workshop, 

Cambridge Transatlantic Debates in International Legal Theory

Draft Programme

Thursday, 20 September 2012 

Welcome and Introductions
Marc Weller or Roger O’Keefe (Lauterpacht Centre)
Evan Criddle (Syracuse/ASIL) and Jörg Kammerhofer (Freiburg/ESIL)

Keynote Speech
Philip Allott (Cambridge), Law and Social Evolution

Panel 1 - Transatlantic Currents in International Legal Theory
Chair: Aeyal Gross (Tel Aviv)
- Monica Garcia-Salmones (Helsinki), What Divides Us in Truth Unites Us: The Interests’ Approach in the Transatlantic Debates in International Legal Theory
- John Parry (Lewis & Clark), Historicizing (and Abandoning?) the ‘Grotian Tradition’ in International Law
- Guglielmo Verdirame (KCL), International Law: Time for a Normative (Re) Turn?
Discussant: Patrick Capps (Bristol)

Formal Dinner at Clare College

Friday, 21 September 2012

Panel 2 - Treaty Interpretation in Comparative Perspective
Chair: John Linarelli (Swansea)
- Julian Arato (NYU), Treaty Interpretation and Constitutional
- Christian Djeffal (Humboldt), Transatlantic Divides on Treaty Interpretation
- Julian Davis Mortenson (Michigan), The Travaux of Travaux: A Historical Perspective on ‘American’ and ‘European’ Treaty Interpretation
Discussant: Stefan Oeter (Hamburg)

Coffee Break

Panel 3 - Theories of Institutional Legitimacy
Chair: Donald E. Childress III (Pepperdine)
- Nienke Grossman (Baltimore), New Approach to the Normative Legitimacy of International Courts
- Surabhi Ranganathan (Cambridge), Should Institutions Alter Multilateral Treaties? Scholarly Proposals, Underlying Visions, and the Degrees of ‘Difference’
- Christopher A. Whytock (UC Irvine), Resolving the Tension between Foreign State Immunity and Court Access Rights: European and U.S. Approaches
Discussant: John Tasioulas (UCL)

Catered Lunch in the Lauterpacht Centre Garden

Panel 4 - Transcending Parochialism in International Legal Theory
Chair: Tim Sellers (Baltimore)
- Rudy Baker (USC), The New Building Blocks of Customary International Law
- Tim Meyer (U Georgia), Title tbc
- Andreas Sennekamp and Nicolas Lamp (WTO), The Doctrine of Precedent: Precedent in Common Law, Civil Law and International Law
Discussant: Philip Liste (Hamburg)

Jörg Kammerhofer, Evan Criddle and Alexandra Kemmerer (Berlin/ Rechtskulturen)